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The Truth about Scotland and theft by the British Crown
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Mr Banks, through Southern Rock, paid American lobbying firm Goddard Gunster £64,064 for a 'Nigel Farage Brexit Policy Luncheon' and paid Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson (pictured) £11,305.41 to interview Mr Farage at the event

In July 2016, Mr Banks reportedly flew Mr Farage business class to Cleveland, Ohio to attend the Republican National Convention.
Mr Banks, through Southern Rock, is also said to have paid American lobbying firm Goddard Gunster £64,064 for a 'Nigel Farage Brexit Policy Luncheon'.
Mr Banks paid American strategist Gerry Gunster, through his company Goddard Gunster, to organise the event.

This included paying Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson £11,305.41 to interview Mr Farage at the event, the investigation reports.
At the RNC, Mr Farage met Republican Senator Bob Corker and John Bolton, currently serving as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor. The meetings were coordinated by the American strategy firm.

The following month Mr Farage, Mr Banks and his associate Andy Wigmore flew to Jackson, Mississippi where they were hosted by the Governor Phil Bryant and first introduced to Donald Trump.
Mr Farage also addressed a Trump rally, the first British politician to do so.
In autumn 2016, Channel 4 News reports that Rock Services arranged for Farage and Wigmore to travel to America on multiple occasions, including visits to St Louis, Missouri. Farage and Wigmore also flew to Las Vegas for the Presidential debates, and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel.
Banks, Wigmore and Farage also travelled to New York for election night in November 2016 and stayed at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Mr Farage was the first British politician to meet the president elect where he was photographed in front of a gold lift at Trump Tower.
At Donald Trump's inauguration, emails seen by Channel 4 News suggest Mr Banks paid more than £15,000 to fly Nigel Farage to and from Washington, approximately £1000 on a room at the plush Mayflower Hotel.
The investigation also cites invoices that reportedly show Goddard Gunster billed £108,684 for a lavish party in Farage's honour at the Hay-Adams Hotel

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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from Ivan Raiklan


They fear her because she is smarter than them, she appears to have had enough of shite journalists too - and she doesnt tolerate BS.

Please help to STOP the STEAL, thankyou 🙏

Uniparty's Plan to Steal the 2024 Presidency for Mike R. Pence

The RNC has already set the stage for a Mike Pence Presidency. Unfortunately, only an Arizona Kari Lake/Mark Finchem win could possibly unravel it at this point.

Danish Prime Minister runs away from questioning

The path to St Ninians Cave, Whithorn, Scotland
July 2023

This is an article about the Sea

I bought a second hand sea kayak and now I plan to paddle to the Ailsa Craig.  I want to investigate what's going on,  on the island. Because I don't trust what the government are up too and I also smell something fishy. 

I'm practising kayaking at the moment, so don't bother me unless it's urgent. Thankyou fans , I love you all... Mwah 😘 


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Hello, I might write an article 

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